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What is S.T.E.M.?​

S.T.E.M. is a curriculum designed to educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  STEMsail seeks to reinforce these concepts utilizing sailing as a practical platform for learning with a special emphasis on sustainability and an awareness of our marine environment.


Why STEMsail?
We benefit our students by introducing them to the world of sailing – to get outside, to begin to understand and become curious about the world around them, to become self-reliant and at the same time to operate as a team – in essence, sailing develops character in so many ways.  Learning is more effective when it’s fun.

How to help

100% of your tax deductible donation made out to the Richmond Yacht Club Foundation (a 501c3 organization) is used to pay for direct program costs (learning materials, transportation for students).  We are an all-volunteer organization and wish to keep it that way!

Expanding our Horizons - 2019 and Beyond

Our May 2019 session was certainly an "energetic" one!  Sixteen middle-school students came to our class with tons of enthusiasm.  They participated in a STEM "career day," a field trip to the Spaulding Marine Center in Sausalito, and learned about "gyres" and the widespread impact of plastic in our oceans.  Let's not forget to mention fun and learning on the water - our last day included a capsize recovery practice, where everyone got wet but came up smiling.  The culmination of the May 2019 class was a three-hour excursion for students and their families on the Derek M Baylis - a 65 foot research sailing vessel operated by Wylie Charters.

The future of the STEMsail program is bright with possibilities - your tax deductible donation to our program will go a long way to insuring that we continue to bring this high-quality program to more deserving students.  To make a donation, click here.