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STEMsail visits The Spaulding Marine Center

What wonders lie beneath our docks?  Brooke Marino, educational coordinator at the Spaulding Marine Center in Sausalito, exposes our STEMsail students to tunicates and other creatures that make our bay waters their home.  Our students were also introduced to the world of wooden ship building and repair - truly an art form that still lives to this day.  The highlight of the field trip was a creative activity to make signal flags into our student's first names - who says learning can't be fun?

STEMsail Career Day

This wasn't a field trip, but it was special presentation - STEMsail students were treated to a visit by Michelle Tallon, a retired Southwest Airlines captain who came to talk about careers in aviation.  The take-away from her talk - determination, hard work and loving what you do are pathways to achieving your dreams.  Seeing is believing - how many of us wished we had the opportunity to meet people with really interesting careers like Michelle's when we were twelve or thirteen?

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