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The United States is ranked 38 (out of 71 countries) in math and 24th in science, according to a 2015 study called the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) for 15-year-olds.  Quite frankly, we think this is unacceptable.


We feel that one effective solution to this problem is the after-school STEM program.  Today, there are over 8 million children who participate in after-school STEM programs in the United States, but many of these programs are disproportionately located in our communities.  Many of the disadvantaged communities suffer as a result of a lack of such programs for their youth.


Until STEMsail came into being, there was no after-school STEM program which offered sailing as a venue for learning in Richmond, California and surrounding areas.  We believe that the time has come for this underserved area to have a program that is both meaningful and viable.



Pt. Richmond, CA, USA

STEMsail has partnered with US Sailing, the governing body for the sport of sailing in the United States, to initiate a program called REACH at the Richmond Yacht Club, located in Point Richmond, California.


The REACH curriculum contains ten learning modules, including subjects such as measuring wind, buoyancy, simple machines on sailboats, water quality testing and even underwater exploration.  Environmental stewardship, especially as it applies to our oceans and waterways, is an additional hallmark of the REACH curriculum and is emphasized in every lesson plan.


We have also forged a strong relationship with the Richmond Yacht Club and it's Foundation.  The Richmond Yacht Club has generously donated the use of their facilities, classrooms, boats and other associated equipment for our program.

The cost of the STEMsail program is FREE to all of its students.

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